Kony MobileFabric AWS Online Help

Kony MobileFabric QuickStart Guide

Learn how to quickly set up MobileFabric from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and how to easily build backend services for your mobile app.

SDKs for App Development

See how to quickly build an iOS Native app in xCode using MobileFabric as the backend. Download the sample for PhoneGap, iOS Native, and Android Native.

Connecting to

Utilize a Kony MobileFabric business connector to easily incorporate SalesForce data in a mobile app built using the MobileFabric SDK for PhoneGap.

Building an
Offline App

Enhance the functionality of your apps by enabling them to work offline and sync relational data with the backend once the device is back online.

AWS and MobileFabric Release Notes

Provides release details and information on the new features, known issues, and limitations.

MobileFabric User Guide

A comprehensive guide to the product
features and capabilities

Learn More

Compare features between the various Kony
MobileFabric Editions available


Watch video tutorials for an overview of
typical use cases