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Create Screens

In Quantum Visualizer, you build screens using forms that you populate with widgets such as buttons, text fields, labels, and the like. Any given screen that the user sees is the result of a form, and your application can consist of as many or as few forms as it needs. To have the app move from one form to another, you associate that action with a particular widget, such as a button.

You can use a form across multiple platformsThe operating system of a given device. iOS and Android are examples of platforms., and you can adapt a form created for one channelDevice types available within a given platform. These include mobile (i.e. phone), tablet, and desktop. for use on other channels. For information on creating forms for Apple Watch, see Apple Watch.

Note: In Kony Studio 6.5, you could port a project from one platform to another, and to channels within the target platform. However, issues would arise due to the wide variations in form factors from one platform and channel to another. In Quantum Visualizer, universality across platforms and channels is achieved through the use of components and masters; platform porting is not supported in Quantum Visualizer. For more information, see Working with Components, Temenos Forge , and Masters. .

To add a form to your application, do the following:

  1. On the Project Explorer, click the Project tab.
  2. Expand the channel you want to create the form for, either Mobile, Tablet, Watch, or Desktop.
  3. Hover over Forms, click its context menu arrow, select New Form, and then click Flex Form. A new form is added to the Project tab, and becomes the form of focus on the Visualizer Canvas.
  4. Note: Do not select VBox Form from the New Form menu. This is used only for legacy applications that were created in Kony Studio 6.0 and earlier.

  5. To rename the form, on the Look tab of the Properties Pane, type the new name in the ID text box. The form name cannot have any spaces.



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