Use a Tab widget to hold a collection of widgets on a form. You can use multiple tabs to display groups of related widgets. A user views one tab at a time.

Look Properties

Look properties define the appearance of the widget.

Tab Properties

Tab properties specify properties that are available on any platform supported by Quantum Visualizer, and assign platform-specific properties.


Specifies an image to display next to the tab name. To select an image, click Edit to display the Image window. From the list of images, choose an image, and then click OK.

Tab Name

Specifies the name of the tab.

Clip Bounds

Specifies whether to clip child widgets displayed in the tab pane when they go out of boundaries.

Layout Type

Specifies whether the arrangement of widgets in the tab flows horizontally, vertically, or in both directions.

Default: Vertical

Snap to Grid

Specifies whether the widget aligns to the nearest intersection of lines in the grid, or other widgets.

Snap Grid Size

Specifies the grid size. This option is available only when Snap to Grid is enabled.

Default Unit

Specifies the default unit used for interpretation of numbers with no qualifiers when passed to layout properties.

Following are the options:


Actions define what happens when an event occurs. On a Tab widget, you can run an action when the following events occur:

For more information, see Add Actions.

Placement Inside a Widget

A Tab widget can only be placed inside a TabPane widget.






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