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Set App Lifecycle Events

The arc of activity from the time an app is launched and enters into a device's memory to when it is exited and released from memory is referred to as the app's lifecycle. Particular phases characterize the lifecycle of an app, such as the following (which are explained in greater detail later): Pre-initialization, Post-initialization, App Service, Deeplink, On View State Change, and On Search.

For any of these phases, you can design your app to launch action sequences, as your app requires. App lifecycle action sequences are supported for all four available app channels, namely Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, and Watch.

To set app lifecycle events, do the following:

  1. In Quantum Visualizer, open the project for which you want to set action sequences for the app's lifecycle.
  2. From the Project tab of the Project Explorer, click either Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, or Watch. The Visualizer Canvas displays text indicating that you can define app life cycle events from the Properties Editor.
  3. On the App Events tab of the Properties Editor, click the Edit button of the app lifecycle phase for which you want to create action sequences. Doing so opens the Action Editor. All four available app channels consist of the following app lifecycle phases:
  4. Additionally, the Tablet channel includes the following two app lifecycle phases:

  5. Using the Action Editor, create the action sequences you want. For more information, see Add Actions.






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