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Kony IQ - Beta Feature

Kony IQ is a chatbot designed to help Kony Visualizer users through the journey of creating applications for various channels on Kony AppPlatform. The chatbot can assist users in various ways: building a binary, importing projects, searching for help materials on Kony Base Camp in a single query, and more.

Kony IQ interacts with users and provides answers for some FAQs. This chatbot can answer casual queries such as "how to upgrade Visualizer?" and "how old are you?". Using Kony IQ, users can also get information such as the version of Visualizer and Fabric that is installed on their system.

The chatbot also helps users in optimization, translation, and in helping them complete many more time-consuming tasks with ease. It uses advanced AI algorithms to provide the best-suited recommendations that enhance users’ app-building experience.

Important: Users must have an internet connection for Kony IQ to work. If the network connectivity is lost after launching Kony IQ, users must reconnect to the internet and then click the Refresh icon in the chat window.

Enable Kony IQ

The Kony IQ feature is available by default for all Kony developers and users who are Early adopters of Kony Visualizer.

Non-Kony users (who are not Early adopters) can enable the Kony IQ feature manually. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open the following Visualizer configuration file.

    • For Visualizer Starter, the file is located at: <installation>\install_config.js
    • For Visualizer Enterprise, the file is located at: <installation>\Kony_Visualizer_Enterprise\globalpreferences.json
  2. Search for the enableIQChat key, and then set the value as true.

    Note: To disable Kony IQ, set the enableIQChat key as false.

  3. Save and close the Visualizer configuration file.

  4. Restart Kony Visualizer.

    The Kony IQ icon appears at the lower-left corner of Visualizer.

Interact with Kony IQ

In Kony Visualizer, you can find the Kony IQ icon at the lower-left corner of the canvas. When you click on the icon, a chat window opens; using which you can start interacting with Kony IQ.

To open the Kony IQ, follow these steps:

  1. Open Kony Visualizer.
  2. From the left navigation bar, click on the Kony IQ icon.
    The Kony IQ chat window is displayed.
  3. Enter your query into the chat box. Kony IQ then provides an appropriate response.

Kony IQ responds in different ways based on the type of query entered in the chat box. The types of responses of Kony IQ when you enter a query are as follows:

Note: You can move or resize the Kony IQ chat window. Drag the lower-right part of the chat window to resize it.

Capabilities of Kony IQ

Kony IQ can perform the following tasks:

Generic Search

The Generic search functionality helps you fetch data from Marketplace, Base Camp, and YouTube, based on the availability of results.

Here are some generic search queries:

Kony Marketplace Search

The Kony Marketplace search feature is integrated with Kony IQ. Using the bot, you can search for components from Kony Marketplace, and import those components into your Visualizer project.

To fetch results from Marketplace, enter @marketplace <Text query to search in Marketplace>

Here are a few Kony Marketplace search queries:

Kony Base Camp Search

The Kony Base Camp search functionality is integrated with Kony IQ. Using the bot, you can search for articles and documents in Base Camp. The bot shows a list of articles that are related to your query.

To fetch results from Kony Base Camp, enter @basecamp <Text query to search in Base Camp>

Some Base Camp search queries are as follows:

YouTube Search

The search in the Kony YouTube channel is integrated with Kony IQ. Using the bot, you can search for any videos on the Kony YouTube channel.

To fetch results from YouTube, enter @youtube <Text query to search in YouTube>

Here are a few YouTube search queries:


Kony IQ helps you translate your Visualizer project into different languages using the Google translate API. The bot converts the text in Visualizer project into equivalent i18n keys in the target language.

Translation can be done in two ways:

Here are a few queries about translation:

Utility Actions

Kony IQ helps you save time by triggering small actions on Kony Visualizer, using commands in the bot. Kony IQ can perform the following utility actions.

For the list of Visualizer actions supported on Kony IQ, refer Visualizer actions.

Project Clean Up

Cleaning unused skins and actions from a Visualizer project improves the performance of Kony Visualizer at run time. Using Kony IQ, you can clean up the unused skins and actions from Visualizer project. It also gives the count of unused or duplicate elements, and provides an option to delete them.

Some queries about project clean up are as follows:

Import and Export Project (Local/ Cloud)

The bot helps you import and export projects into Kony Visualizer.

Here are a few queries about importing a project:

Import Component (Local/ Cloud)

You can import the following types of components into Kony Visualizer:

Here are a few queries on importing components:

Run Project

Using the bot, you can run your current project. The bot helps you generate a live preview by triggering the action directly on Visualizer.

Some queries about running the project are as follows:

Build Project

Kony IQ helps you build the current project for a required platform. You can generate the binaries by entering a build command in the bot. The bot triggers the build action directly on Visualizer.

Here are the queries on building your project for various platforms:

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