Visualizer Actions in Quantum IQ

Quantum IQ supports the following list of Visualizer actions.

Action Description Query Examples
Add project to current Imports a new project to the current project.
  • add project here
  • import project here
  • import to current project
  • add to current project
Browse Temenos Forge Opens the Temenos Forge window.
  • browse Temenos Forge

  • open Temenos Forge

  • open Temenos Forge

  • browse Temenos Forge

Build and publish web

Opens the Build and Publish Web window.

  • build and publish web
  • build and publish web application
  • build web
Build and publish native

Opens the Build and Publish Native window.

  • build and publish native
  • build and publish native application
  • build native
Check for updates

Displays the latest version of Quantum Visualizer, if any.

You can click Download to upgrade your Quantum Visualizer to the latest version.

  • Check updates
  • Are there any new updates?
Close all Closes all the open tabs in the canvas.
  • close all tabs
  • close tabs
Create new form

Creates a new form for the specified platform.

NOTE: If a platform is not mentioned, a mobile form is created.

  • create a new form
  • create a desktop form
  • open a mobile form
  • create a new form for tablet
Create new project Opens the New Project window.
  • setup a new project
  • start a new project
  • begin a fresh project
Debug app

Provides you with two options for debugging an app: Debug Live Preview and Debug Native App.

  • Debug
  • Debug android app
  • Debug iOS app
  • Debug live preview on android
Deep linking project properties Deeplink to a property in Quantum Visualizer Classic; opens the tab in which the property is present.
  • change app id to <name>
  • set application id to <name>
Download Quantum App Opens the Quantum App dialog box.
  • Download Quantum App
  • Download Preview app
  • Where can i find Quantum App?
Edit i18n Opens the Configure Internationalization window.
  • Edit locales
  • Configure locales
Export fonts Exports fonts
  • export Font
  • export Fonts
Export i18n resources as JSON, CSV Exports i18n resources as JSON and CSV.
  • export I18N as json
  • export i18n as csv
  • export i18 export i18n
Export themes Exports themes
  • export theme
  • export themes
Import Cordova project Imports a Cordova project into Quantum Visualizer.
  • Import Cordova project
Import fonts Imports fonts into the current project.
  • import font
  • import fonts
Import i18n resources Imports i18n resources into the current project.
  • import locale
  • import i18n
  • import i18
Import themes Imports themes into the current project.
  • import theme
  • import themes
Live Preview settings Opens the Live Preview Settings window.
  • Open Live Preview settings
  • Open Preview settings
  • Open Live Preview
Manage Cordova plugins Opens the Configure Cordova Plugins window.
  • Manage Cordova Plugins
  • Add Cordova Plugins
  • Remove Cordova Plugins
Manage native functions API Opens the Native Function Interface window.
  • open NFI settings

  • open native functions

  • Manage native functions api

Open Freeform project

Opens a specific Freeform project.

  • open Freeform project <name>
Open MVC project Opens a specific MVC project.
  • open MVC project <name>
Open preferences

Opens the Visualizer Preferences window.

  • Open Preferences
  • Edit Preferences
Open project

Opens a specific project.

  • open project <name>
Open project settings Opens the Project Settings window.
  • open settings
  • open project settings
Open terminal Opens a terminal tab in the lower pane of Quantum Visualizer.
  • enable terminal
  • open terminal
Open tutorials Opens the Hikes catalog.
  • open tutorials
  • where can i find tutorials?
Publish app to Temenos Forge Opens the Publish to Temenos Forge window
  • publish to Temenos Forge
  • publish my app to Temenos Forge
Publish live preview Opens the Publish Live Preview window.
  • publish live preview
Refresh project Refreshes the project.
  • refresh
  • refresh project
  • refresh Visualizer
Save all Saves the current project.
  • save project
  • save current project
Save current Saves the current tab or the form in the canvas.
  • save current tab
  • save current form
Show global variable Displays the Variables window.
  • Manage global variable
  • show global variable
  • change global variables
Update project properties Updates the project properties such as app id and version.
  • update app id key to <name>
  • modify app version key to <name>
Using Test Cases Displays the Test Case Recorder window.
  • create test-case
  • open test-case /<name of the test case.js file>
  • open test-case for <channel> /<name of the test case.js file>
Using Test Suites Displays the Test Suite window.
  • create test-suite
  • open test-suite for <channel> /<name of the test suite.js file>
  • run test-suite for <channel> /<name of the test suite.js file>
Using Test Plans Displays the Test Plan window
  • create test-plan
  • open test-plan for <channel> /<name of the test plan.js file>
Analyze project Displays the AI Assisted Development window.
  • Launch AI Assisted Development
  • Launch Cop
  • Launch Quantum cop
  • Open AI Assisted Development
  • Open Cop
  • Open Quantum cop
Analyze project for Best practices Displays the best practices rules in the AI Assisted Development window.
  • Analyze best practices
  • Open best practices
  • Run best practices
Analyze project for performance issues Displays the performance rules in the AI Assisted Development window.
  • Analyze performance rules
  • Open performance rules
  • Run performance rules
Analyzes if the text in project use the same font family and size. Displays the style guide rules in the AI Assisted Development window.
  • Analyze style rules
  • Open style rules
  • Run style rules